Whole Body Healing
Myofascial Release, MFR, the John F. Barnes Approach

How do I "self treat"?

Please click this link to view stretching videos.  These videos show self treatment stretches that you can do at home.  

Be easy with yourself.  Ideas like 'no pain, no gain' do NOT apply here.  As you will notice, the fascial system of the body cannot be forced to release.  These stretches are not about force, always about time.  Give your body time (and support) to relax, to feel safe and then you will notice softening and releasing in your tension areas.  When this occurs, your body begins to heal at the cellular level.  Muscles will be able to regain their strength.  It takes practice, most of us are not used to being still for very long.  Give your body time to release.  You will soon be on your own healing journey.