Whole Body Healing
Myofascial Release, MFR, the John F. Barnes Approach

Services and Rates

Now accepting HSA/FSA cards for payment!  Please read my blog about this for more information.  :)


MYOFASCIAL RELEASE therapy can be relaxing and can feel very intense.  This is not a massage.  It is a powerful and very effective form of bodywork developed by John F. Barnes, a physical therapist, who has been teaching this therapy for almost 50 years.  It is done without any lotion or oil and addresses the connective tissue, or fascia of the entire body.  

Connective tissue runs throughout your entire body like a three dimensional web, surrounds nerves and blood vessels and holds organs in place.  When there are restrictions due to inflammation, trauma, poor posture or overuse, a 'binding down' is created that can cause pain or pull the body out of alignment.  When the tissues have been restricted for a long time, they become stuck and dehydrated and can actually begin to solidify.  A gentle pressure is applied and sustained, by the therapist, into the area of restriction and after 90-120 seconds the collagen part of the connective tissue will begin releasing.  Sustaining this pressure for 5 minutes or more for each restriction allows the solidified tissues to soften and rehydrate.  Waiting for this change to occur is key to producing a longer lasting result.  Because of the long holds, there won't always be time in one session to address each area of concern.  But, because everything is connected, addressing one area can affect another, seemingly unrelated, area.  Please read more about it at Myofascialrelease.com

CUSTOMIZED SELF TREATMENT TRAINING SESSION: A private session of stretching and self treatment techniques designed specifically for your needs.  This can be set up as a live stream online or a video, or in-person class.  I will design a series of movements and stretches to release the specific structural restrictions in your body.  We will use simple props to help your body feel supported and achieve long lasting results.  This is an excellent way to keep your body active and pain free.  

Each session is customized to address your specific needs.  Your therapist provides suggestions for stretching and self treatment specifically for your individual circumstances.  If you have any questions about these services, please do not hesitate to ask.  Investing in bodywork is an investment in your health.  


After 10 years of studying and training with John F. Barnes, reaching expert level in his courses, and seeing amazing, long-lasting results for my clients, I am restructuring my pricing.  The rates listed below will go into effect in October 2022.  Thank you. 

Myofascial Release/Healing Session$120 / 60 minutes
Myofascial Release/Healing Session$150 / 75 minutes
New Client 1st session; Myofascial Release/Healing Session$180 / 90 minutes
Return Client; Myofascial Release/Healing Session $170 / 90 minutes