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                                                                       Kathryn Hollars LMT


Kathryn, "Kat" has been a practicing, licensed massage therapist since 2007.  Her goal has always been to help people feel better.  After learning about Myofascial Release from a friend who explained that it gives longer lasting results than regular massage, she attended her first John F. Barnes Myofascial Release seminar in 2012.

Learning about the amazing fascial system and its importance in our bodies was an eye-opener.  Learning that fascial restrictions can be released, tissues can rehydrate, alignment issues can be changed, and so on, gave her new hope for her clients.  Kat sees the body as a whole and works to find the cause of the pain/dysfunction instead of just treating the symptoms.  She hopes to help many on their own healing journeys and always attempts to educate and empower clients with self-treatment tools and techniques.  

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